Agnes Water Museum

"The small museum with enormous interest" - one and a half to two hours is the average time visitors stay and many could have stayed longer to take in more information.

The museum is located at 69 Springs Road, Agnes Water Queensland 4677, adjacent to the Library, RTC, Visitor Information Centre, and Community Centre complex.

Opening hours are 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday, and Wednesday to Saturday, closed Tuesday. Or 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday. Last entry 3:30 pm, week days and Saturday, or 12:30 pm Sundays.

By prior arrangement, the museum can be opened at other times, for school groups, bus tour operators, etc.

Admission fees are $3.00 per adult, free for children.

We celebrate the landing here by Lt James Cook with copies of journals, logs, charts, a model of HM Bark Endeavour, and much more.

Other popular displays include; Indigenous and Islander artefacts, fossils, minerals, local coral and shells, maritime history, Bustard Head Light Station, photographs and books of the early days of Miriam Vale, Rosedale, Bororen, Baffle Creek, Agnes Water and Town of 1770, and memorabilia from the Discovery Coast region.

A short video was made by a visitor to our museum and posted on YouTube 

Captain Cook

The names Discovery Coast for the region and Seventeen Seventy for the town, result from the landing of Lt James Cook on 1770 at the point where the town grew up. The town is claimed as the 'birthplace of Queensland' as it was the first place the British set foot in what is now Queensland.

This section presents information about Captain Cook' life and his first round the world voyage.

Discovery Coast History

Discovery Coast, the name for the Miriam Vale Shire before it was amalgamated within the Gladstone Region is situated on The Southern Great Barrier Reef. It's boundary (shown on the locality map above) includes Baffle Creek and Rosedale in the south, Rodds Bay in the north, Many Peaks Range in the west, and Lady Elliot Island in the east.

The content for this section will take considerable time. 

Discovery Coast Historical Society Inc.

The volunteers of this not for profit association have spent the majority of their time developing a comprehensive history of the Discovery Coast region, staffing the Museum at Agnes Water, editing and publishing Arthur Jeffery's journals. We have assisted with projects in many parts of the region including documenting the unregistered grave sites dotted around the area.